“A sea snail plays the music of the ocean, in a cardboard boat. HAI, the fisherwoman of dreams, begins her poetic adventure through the ocean of the imagination”.

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Hǎi, the fisherwoman of dreams is an indigenous story with magin, visual theater and objects.

A work for children, from 3 years and familiy, without text but with a good musical selection with original songs by the musician Mario Cortizo. 

The tale of the dream fisherwoman narrates, through visual metaphors and magic, the navigation of Hǎi and his tribe (the public) through the ocean of imagination. There they will find the key that will open the cage (our fears and beliefs) and free the bird (our crative essence).

Hǎi inviters the audience to immesrsse in this oniric journey as a choir, sometimes in the form of movement and other itmes in the form of a song, accompanying the fisherwoman in her quest for freedom, a psychomagic experience through wihch we finally free ourselves.

Duration: 55 min.



Genre: magic, theater of objects and visual theater

Duration (2 options): 55 min  /30 min

Audiencechildren from 3 to 8 years and family

Capacity: 100 to 250 children or families.

Cast and Crew

Idea and creation: Joana Rhein & Miquel Crespi

Direction: Miquel Crespi & Joana Rhein

On stage: Joana Rhein

Music: Mario Cortizo

Scenography: Joana Rhein

Light design Miquel Crespi

Costumes: Joana Rheingantz

Photography: Jorge Gareis & Ulises Fontana

Production: Giramagic Company


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Download Dossier - Hǎi

Images / Pictures

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It's a montage presided over the simplicity and delicacy,

with that unusual feminine touch unusual in the world of magic, which she urges us to intervene from our town with palmas, songs or all kind of gestures. Very participatory and mysterious, it makes our children are left open-mouthed with each new number and being carriend away by the aesthetic poetics that it fives off. It’s magic, but also a walk through the ocean through its sounds and evocative music… And it also has some clown, puppets and humor. And all this from recycled elements and worried about both fun and sustainability. 

An attractive trip by the sea for which lifeguards are not necessary, jus a little imagination”.

El Periódico , Eduardo Vicente. 24/03/19

Hai and hear oceanic dream

“Hai,  dreams on her cardboard ship. She lives in a parallel world where everything ends up having a magical meaning. With some sounds, but with no words, she manages to capture the audicnece from the very beginning… Hai is a dreamlike show that encourages the audience to embark on a trip of their own in a small cardboard boat. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RECOMMENDED”

Jordi Bordes (Recomana)

Magical and beautiful show

“It’s a pleausre for the senses and for the heart. the magic and the poetry taht is built into so many objects and details developing an ideal world, where incomplete or old elements come to life and open a door to a world full of richness of inner and outer beauty”

Ariana (Atrapalo)

Inspirador, emotivo y sencillo

Un gran descubrimiento HAI ( maga Joana ) “

Disfrutamos pequeños y mayores, sin diálogo es una obra muy rica en valores y poesía. La maga muy cercana y expresiva. Un trabajo con mucho amor que se nota en todos los momentos, historia, actuación , música, elementos escenográficos, ambientación.

Fina (Atrápalo)

Sublime espectáculo

Un espectáculo de magia especial y distinto. Cargada de poesía y alta dosis de belleza visual, fascinante y con sorpresas y sonrisas para todas las edades. Un show de gran delicadeza, encanto y con un brillo técnico impecable. La maga interacciona con el público con tanta dulzura como juego.

Crisal (Neuro Cientista y poeta)

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